My Parents: 49 Years of Inspiration, Perspiration, and Love for Each Other and Us

My Dad’s 73rd birthday was today and my Mom sent a picture she took of them. I really like it. As I looked at it I thought of all the blood, sweat, and tears that they have put into making their marriage work all these years. Although their hair is silver and they move a little slower than they once did, their hearts and spirits are more than ready to pick up the slack and do the hard work required.  I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with them and got to see how much they love each other, working together to accomplish things that have proven difficult with age. Their love for each other and for my brother and I is an inspiration and I am challenged to follow their lead. Their 49th anniversary is next month and while I won’t be able to join them in person, I am hopeful that they will be able to feel my love and appreciation for them long distance. Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Anniversary in advance to you both, Mom and Dad. I love you very much and am so grateful for the job you have done as husband and wife and as my parents! I have big shoes to fill.


Arvis & Wanda - Dad's 73rd bday


Houston Autorama 2012 part one

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There were so  many cars at the Houston Autorama ther is no way to put all my pics on one show, so I am going to show a few for several days and give a glimpse of what my son and I saw. Unbelievable craftsmanship and artisitic ability.

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Sidewalk Sunrise Through Purple Grass

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Another Sunset Same Crosswalk

When I last posted here in September (has it been that long?) I had a shot from a crosswalk. Here is another I like even better. Hope you like it.

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Sunset from the Crosswalk

Copyright 2012 Brad G Smith Photos

Me vs Dwight Howard

In June 2012 I taught a course in Orlando, Florida. It was hosted in a facility that was the practice location for the NBA team, the Orlando Magic. They had a small exhibit showcasing their star players, the most famous of whom is Dwight Howard, who ironically is now with the LA Lakers. What timing I have. Anyway, I am 6’4″, more than 250 pounds. Dwight makes me look small! He stands 7 feet tall. Look at his hand size compared to mine, which are generally considered more like paws.

I am 6’4″, Dwith is 7′ 0″

Awesome Red Barn near Crockett, TX

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Rural Pennsylvania Journey

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Virginia in the Fall

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Those Were the Days

Hard to imagine my boys were ever this size, but those were the days! I remeber when I could control them with one hand and still access something else with the other. Today, the game has changed. The IPAD being used by mom would be the thing to keep them still, and they might pat the parent on the back as they head out into the real world.  My how time flies.

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